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Helpful and informative lists on the most common and useful topics for engineers. The top ten lists provides a way for engineers to collaborate and discuss on the order and content of these lists.

5 Fastest Trains in the world


As we all fantasize about how Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will change our lives, here are some of existing trains which are already in the market.   5. TGV Réseau, France In service since 1992, France’s high-speed train generally runs at about 199 mph, with a maximum speed of 236 mph. …

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8 of the best countries to be an engineer

The global demand for engineers has risen significantly over the years as the world competes to cater for the needs of a growing population. With limited resources available, countries have turned to innovation and technology to come up with solutions that will allow them to remain attractive economically and draw …

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10 ways to become the greatest engineer

If you look at our list of the Top 10 most remarkable engineers, you will notice some similarities.  Outside, the obvious drive and ambition, these remarkable engineers also possessed an unwavering desire and a passion for engineering.  It is what explains Edison’s  attitude after  1,000 failures, or Ford’s belief in …

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Top 5 Beautiful Bridges in the World

10. Iron Bridge » 9. Ponte Vecchio » 8. Erasmus Bridge » 7. Forth Railway Bridge » 6. Bixby Creek Bridge As voted by our users, here are the top five of the most beautiful bridges in the world. 5. Pont de pierre (Bordeaux) 4. Brooklyn Bridge Image source: waynewilliamsstudio.com …

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10 books that you should have read by now

I am not a fan of novels. Perhaps it due to the fact that as an intellectually curious engineer, novels do not usually provide the needed mental stimulation. It might also be because I do not like dull feeling of having to live vicariously in someone else’s imagined story. While …

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10 of the Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

As engineers we appreciate the beauty achieved in the marriage of concrete and steel. For many young engineers, bridges are the quintessential engineering creations mostly because they are usually our first exposure into the engineering world. This list is a celebration of some of these creations which have not only …

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3 More Moments of Genius

Following our initial moments of genius article which profiled the likes of Isaac Newtown and Archimedes, it dawned on us that there have been other similar moments of genius. Though not as celebrated falling of an apple kind of eureka moments the following moments of genius brought solutions or answers …

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