Guide for New Engineers

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The “New Engineer’s Guide” articles are an ongoing series of articles for engineers new to the profession. These the-new-engineer-guidearticles offer helpful tips, recommendations on issues that most engineers have had to deal with in their careers. These articles range from transitioning from college to the work environment to studying and passing the PE exam.

New Engineer Guides

  1. New Engineer Guide | Studying and passing the FE exam
  2. New Engineer Guide | Landing your first job as an engineer
  3. New Engineer Guide | Search for your first engineering job
  4. New Engineer Guide | An introduction to the 401k retirement plan
  5. New Engineer Guide | Transition from college to work
  6. New Engineer Guide | Debt Management and Smart Budgeting
  7. New Engineer Guide |10 Things every engineering graduate should know
  8. New Engineer Guide | Owning or Renting?
  9. New Engineer Guide | Buying your first home
  10. New Engineer Guide | All about the PE exam and how to apply for your license
  11. New Engineer Guide | Studying for the PE exam
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  13. Lost your job, now what? | A step by step job loss guide for engineers
  14. Thinking about going back to school | Back to college guide for engineers
  15. Get ahead at work | Timeless public speaking tips for engineers

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