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A day-to-day guide for engineers

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engineering_photo-300x300There comes a day in the busy life as an engineer when you crave guidance and direction. In most cases, these cravings might be nourished by a phone call or by way of a simple conversation with your immediate boss. In other cases, you might simply want to know what an engineer in a similar position did or would have done. This is where we come in.

Since our creation (est. 2009), we have made purposeful use of the collective intelligence of engineers who use our site.  By gathering articles and surveys on their career, lifestyle and educational experiences, we have been able to compile a series of articles which address these important aspects of our engineering lives.

Our day-to-day guide is a product of this collective intelligence. The sole goal is to provide engineers with insightful and relevant articles aimed at guiding them through the day-to-day challenges of an engineer’s life and career.

If you are an expert on any of the following areas topics please share your thoughts, and opinions by submitting your articles to us.

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Day-to-day engineer guides

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