What type of gifts do engineers like?

A spouse of one of our loyal users contacted me asking me for advise on the type of gift she should get for her husband. The husband, a 34-year-old civil engineer is apparently a nerd with a passion for reading. So, I decided to do a tally and determine what type of gifts engineers would really like. Other that the obvious, such as the one below:

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Pearl Display – includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

5 Amazing Gifts for Engineers that will cost you less than $20

Gifts for Engineers

The type of Games that Engineers would love

5 Mentally Engaging Books that Engineers would like as Gifts

The Best Electronic Gift Ideas for Engineers

Gift Suggestions to inspire the Young Engineer within

6 Wonderful Engineering-Oriented Movies

5 Incredibly Geeky Gifts for Engineers

So what are some of the gifts you would like to have?

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  1. A real engineer would scoff at a Kindle as a gift because they know all you can do is read books on it. Skip the Kindle and get him/her an iPad or some other tablet that has more than one function, like being able to add engineering related applications.

  2. Any electronics that I do not currently own.
    Funny you showcased a kindle because that is on my want list.
    Books and games would be nice as well.

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