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An engineer’s guide to managing project changes

Upfront project scope definition is critical. However, it is unrealistic to expect that once a project is defined, the project will not change in scope, cost, or schedule. Change is inevitable. So, change has to be embraced and properly managed. Agreeing to how changes will be handled is an important part of scope definition and contract negotiations.

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Handling job relocation to different city or country

In uncertain economic times, radical changes in your career might be unavoidable and sometimes necessary. Other times, these radical changes might be preemptive moves in your career. Whatever the case, these changes provide unique opportunities for you to discover yourself and grow in different environments. Relocation brings along a myriad of unique opportunities and challenges. This article points out some of the more common challenges and issues that you might have to deal with.

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A back-to-college guide for engineers

Our back to college guide is a product of this collective intelligence. The sole goal is to provide engineers with insightful and important articles aimed at guiding you through the decision making process and the actual implementation of getting advanced degrees.

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An engineer’s guide to smart budgeting and realistic debt management

You are finally finished with college and you are happily employed at hopefully the company of your dreams. Before you realize it, six months have passed and the first payment on your student loan is due. So, how do you prioritize your bills while still cognizant of future spending, down payment on a house, marriage etc? This article provides a realistic guide on smart budgeting and debt management from an engineer’s perspective.

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