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Helpful and informative lists on the most common and useful topics for engineers. The top ten lists provides a way for engineers to collaborate and discuss on the order and content of these lists.

Project Spotlight: Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is an active project beneath the Swiss Alps, expected to open in 2016.  The completed Gotthard project will consist of two single-track with a route length of 35.4 miles plus 94.3 miles of tunnels shafts and passages, easily making it the world’s longest rail tunnel.  The …

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World’s longest sea bridge opens in China

China has yet again proved that no engineering feat is impossible. Be it a seemingly impossible river diversion project or a 26.4-mile long sea bridge, engineers in China appear ready to conquer any challenge. The 26.4 mile long Jiaozhou Bay Bridge was recently opened after four years of construction. This impressive structure connects …

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5 Famous Moments of Genius

We have all had those moments. Those intense moments when a sudden gush of energy propels your brain into overdrive, creating a delightful mental sensation and voila; an idea is born or a solution to a problem is achieved. Some have termed this moment as the Eureka moment, named after …

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5 most dangerous roads in the world

My first engineering job in college was working for a roadway design consultant. I found the work fascinating because it mostly involved site surveys and CADD design. During the short duration of that internship, I don’t recall experiencing a challenge that I could not address, especially given the vast tools …

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