Gifts for Engineers

Gift ideas for non-engineers. A comprehensive list of articles on purchasing gifts for engineers. Be it electronics, books, computers we have it all.

Top 10 Popular Books for Engineers

A few years ago, we published a list of books that we thought would make interesting and informative reads for engineering professionals. Over the time that this article has been active, we have observed that the following books have also been incredibly popular with engineers. The following are the top …

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These gifts have an interesting engineering theme and would make excellent gifts for engineers

It is that time of the year again, when gift-giving becomes a requirement at most social functions. We therefore feel obligated to continue our gifts for engineers articles, a series of articles intended to demystify the peculiar tastes of engineers. From books to electronics this list is a continuation of what we feel if a public service for the benefit for all. The following list provides a delightful collection of gifts that engineers will appreciate the subtle engineering themes.

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5 Incredibly Geeky Gifts for Engineers

It is usually nice to receive a gift, especially one that appears well thought-out and applicable. Unfortunately, engineers are quite peculiar and buying relevant gifts for them is still a mysterious undertaking for many. So, given that we understand this misunderstood demographic, we have compiled several articles to help non-engineers …

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Magazines That Every Engineer Should Subscribe To

Outside the monthly subscription for your discipline-specific organisation’s magazine, the following magazines are perfect additions to your existing collection of knowledge-gathering stack of books. Some of these are meant to keep you abreast of the latest advancement in our field, while some a intended to make you aware of the …

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