5 Amazing Gifts for Engineers that will cost you less than $20

Engineers are peculiar people.  We see numbers where others see lines. We like complexity and dislike anything petty. Much more so, it the latter does not involve math. We admire the marriage between steel and concrete.  So it is not a surprising occurrence for a non-engineer to be unable to understand the things we like.   The confusion is further complicated when these non-engineers attempt to purchase gifts for engineers.

So, as a public service for the benefit of these confused souls, The Engineering Daily will attempt to demystify the mystery of what type of gifts one should get for engineers.  For starters, no Turtle neck pullovers.

The first part of the series is, Gifts that cost less than $20.00.

1. PI Clock

Simple yet highly useful, the PI clock tells an engineer that you at least know what the basis of the profession is. As explained, engineers dislike anything petty. An alternative to this would be plain one with the usual 1,2,3. Such kinds of clocks are the ones that we used to break apart to see the inner workings after kindergarten class.

Price: $15.00

2. Flying Alarm Clock

Speaking of clocks, the flying alarm clock is perhaps the best alarm ever created. The idea is simple: there is a detachable helicopter, which when the alarms sounds, flies away from it port. The only way to silence the alarm is to put it back to its port.

Price: $19.99

3. Our Amazing Bridges Architecture Kit

Engineer’s like to build things. Especially the ones we also break apart. The Bridge Architecture is a great game for any engineer because it allows one to discover the wonders of building. With this you can build and display attractive models of 3 different bridge types – The Roman Arch, The Truss Bridge, and The Suspension Bridge.

Price: $19.95

4. Wooden Boomerang

When I was younger, I was sure that a boomerang defied the fundamental laws of gravitation. That was until I had my first boomerang experience. A experience that provoked in me a passionate desire to create something similar. I never succeeded, so I ended buying a commercial one which provided me with month of pleasure.

Price: $6.95

5. Men’s Mathematics Silk Tie

Make your engineer feel like the genius he is.

Price: $19.95


Engineer’s Motto T-Shirt

Price: $19.99

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