Erosion control drainage system for waterfront properties

Natural erosion can be controlled (possibly even prevented altogether) with the use of a proper weep hole drain. Water pressure can be released without taking the valuable soil into the bay or canal further preventing erosion or sink holes. The Jet Filter flush mount system can be easily installed and maintained from the waterside of a new or existing seawall and retaining wall.

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The purpose of weep holes is to relieve hydrostatic pressure from behind the wall. Properly maintained, the seawall should last a lifetime without major repairs. The patent pending Jet Filter relieves hydrostatic pressure on almost any wall design.

“The fix permits drainage without erosion (about 6 months now). I used to be able to see multiple areas where there was flow over the top of the wall (from rainfall accumulations behind the seawall). I have seen none since completing the Jet Filter installation”. (Sonny, Homeowner Gantt Lake, Alabama).

As a former marine contractor, creator and inventor David Gentry has been providing weep hole drains throughout the world to marine contractors, engineers and homeowners. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Jet Filter are UV protected, durable and consistent with the life of the seawall/bulkhead. For additional information on the Jet Filter System contact David Gentry at 239-825-4508 or visit

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