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We recently featured a highly insightful article on the benefits of cloud computing for engineering companies. Based on the discussions and emails, most people do agree that cloud computing does provide a better alternative for engineering companies in that their IT budgets are greatly reduced and productivity is enhanced. It is not surprising that a good number of IT executives contacted us to provide them with suggestions on how they can incorporate cloud computing into their existing companies.

The ones have made the switch have already started praising cloud computing as the once elusive IT Holy Grail. A recent article similarly praised ROEL Construction’s migration to a cloud application platform as a precedence setter for the constructions industry, typically associated with sluggish adaptation of technology.

The ROEL Construction cloud system is hosted by Zumasys and accommodates the company’s 350 users and offers over 5 terabytes of storage. According to the report, the switch will save ROEL over $70,000 per year. These savings take into account the reduction of costs for equipment, maintenance and operations.

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Engineers

The Zumasys software allows ROEL to reduce costs and save the money necessary to upgrade its aging infrastructure. Within a year of working with Zumasys, the company realized that a switch to cloud computing would be a smart investment as they would not have to invest in expensive equipment to stay in the technology game. According to Kevin Fitzpatrick, the Director of IT for Roel,  Zumasys provides the company with the flexibility to make their hosted solution however they need it. With the Zumasy cloud system, all of ROEL’s employees to have access to the company’s systems anywhere they have an internet connection, contributing to the productivity of the large amount of staff who work remotely. Additionally the transition has improved the speed of the company’s systems and has allowed the IT team to focus on improving the project management services offered by the company.

Fitzpatrick further adds that “one of the greatest things about this transition to the hosted environment is that we’ve been able to get out of the infrastructure business and stay focused on managing IT.  Instead of running storage and other equipment, the IT team can now focus its time on managing projects and new implementations.”

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