An introductory guide to online engineering degrees programs

While some limitations do apply, there are numerous types of degrees that can be obtained through online programs.  These degrees vary in nature and encompass all engineering disciplines and even MBA programs. The degrees offered in these programs include, bachelors, graduate certificate programs and masters degrees.
Over the years there has been an increase in the number of colleges and universities offering these programs with the quality and quantity of courses offered increasing as well. So, if you decide to pursue an online engineering degree program, you have a wide range of courses and colleges to choose.

Degree Programs

In an associate program, the courses cover the fundamental aspects of the engineering subject. It is generally limited to an introduction to the basic aspects of the subject. The degree can be obtained by attending general academic classes for two years. The curriculum for an online bachelor’s degree comprises of a combination of intensive engineering courses and basic academic courses for four years. On the other hand, graduate certificate programs aid in honing the skills in niche areas. They are more specialized in nature and depending on the program chosen, will cover areas such as creation or implementation of improved systems. The duration of these programs is 18 months or longer. A master’s degree program can last for two to three years and offers advanced courses in the chosen subject area.

With the advances in technology, it has become significantly easier to obtain degrees that will help in enhancing your career. With many more colleges beginning to offer online degree programs, the challenge for students becomes centered on which college and program to go with.  Before you embark on a quest of the right online degree program, it will be a good idea to note the following,

  1. Accreditation – One of the most important aspects you should know before you enroll yourself in an online degree programs is the accreditation of the school and the program. It will be a disastrous waste of your time and money if you pursued a degree from a school that is not accredited. It may also be wise to check how long the school has been offering online degrees. If the school has been offering these programs for a considerable period of time, chances are that the trial and error period is complete. The age of the online program will be a clear indication of the experience of the institution in educating students through an online program.
  2. Teacher-to-student ratio – Check for the professor to student ratio. It is important that the professor has enough time to spend with you to impart the in-depth knowledge, through emails or telephone conversations. A teacher-student ratio of 1:20 is the norm for online programs. Anything higher than that might leave you at a disadvantage.
  3. Cost – Online engineering programs cost less than traditional classroom programs. Apart from the fees, the living expenses are completely eliminated. All other ongoing expenses are also reduced since you can take the classes from anywhere.

It is becoming more obvious that online engineering programs are here to stay. They have replaced the erstwhile distance education or correspondence programs. The depth of knowledge and the speed of response has dramatically increased with the online programs in comparison to the traditional correspondence programs. With time gaining more and more importance, online engineering programs will be taken up by many who wish to build a career in engineering. While the long term benefits in comparison to in-class learning are inconclusive at this time, we can at least ascertain that at the very least, online learning provides a viable cheap alternative to traditional learning.

Available Engineering Degree Programs

Engineering Bachelor Degree Programs

Grantham University
Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Technology
DeVry University
Bachelor of Science – Electronics Engineering Technology – Military Personnel Only
Bachelor of Science – Computer Engineering Technology – Military Personnel Only

Engineering Masters Degree Programs

DeVry University
Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Technology
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Drexel University Online
MS in Engineering Technology
MS in Electrical Engineering
Lawrence Technological University
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
Norwich University
Master of Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering – Environmental/Water Resources Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering – Construction Management
Master of Civil Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology / NJIT
Master of Science – Engineering Management
Gonzaga University
Transmission & Distribution Engineering Certificate
Master of Engineering in Transmission & Distribution Engineering

Business Administration and MBA

Everest University Online
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Post University Online
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Grand Canyon University
General MBA
MBA and MS in Leadership
Northcentral University
Master of Business Administration – Management Information Systems
Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship
Ashford University
MBA – No Concentration
MBA/Environmental Management

More Business Administration and MBA Programs

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