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Obama’s new proposal: 1.5 Billion dollar cut in construction

According to ENR.com, President Obama’s budget request for the next fiscal year includes a proposed “trimming back of 121 federal programs, which officials say would save an estimated $16.7 billion in 2010”.  According to ENR’s estimate, $1.5 billion of the terminations and reductions, outlined by administration officials on May 6, are in construction programs at agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy and Transportation departments.

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  1. Honestly, having delt with the Corps before… I don’t know if i’d see any change in them losing a billion dollars. 😉

    But this seems to be the way everyone thinks nowadays… We can cut everywhere except my industry because it’s essential. If he’s proposing 1.5 billion in cuts and then another xx billion in spendings with his stim package i’d consider that a fair deal.

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