Stimulating the Infrastructure $130 billion of construction spending-1



ENERGY [$30.6 billion]           

  • Electricity grid, including “Smart-Grid” activities: $11 billion
  • Home-weatherization assistance: $5 billion
  • Energy-efficiency and conservation grants: $6.3 billion
  • Renewable-energy loan guarantees: $6 billion
  • Carbon-capture-and-sequestration demonstration projects: $1.52 billion
  • Clean Coal Power Initiative, round III: $800 million
BUILDINGS [$13.4 billion]      

  • GSA federal buildings, energy-efficiency upgrades: $4.5 billion
  • Border stations, ports of entry: $300 million
  • Facilities on federal and tribal lands: $3.1 billion
  • Fire stations (federal grants): $210 million
  • GSA new Dept. of Homeland Security headquarters: $450 million
  • GSA U.S. courthouses, other federal buildings: $300 million
  • Agriculture Dept. bldgs/facilities: $200 million
  • Agriculture Dept. rural facilities: $130 million (supports $1.234 billion in loans)
  • NIST construction: $360 million
  • NOAA procurement, acquisition and construction: $430 million
  • NASA construction (hurricane damage repairs): $50 million
  • National Science Foundation academic facilities modernization: $200 million
  • NSF major research equipment and facilities construction: $400 million
  • DHS consolidation: $200 million
  • DHS ports of entry: $420 million
  • Smithsonian facilities: $25 million
  • National Institutes of Health, grants for construction, renovation of non-NIH research facilities: $1 billion
  • NIH buildings and facilities (construction, renovation): $500 million
  • Social Security Administration, National Computer Center replacement: $500 million
  • State Dept. Capital Investment Fund: $90 million
WATER AND ENVIRONMENT [$20.1 billion]      

  • DOE environmental cleanup: $6 billion
  • EPA Clean Water and Drinking Water funds: $6 billion
  • EPA cleanup, including Superfund: $1.2 billion
  • Agriculture Dept., rural-water and waste-disposal facilities: $1.28 billion appropriations, to support $3.8 billion in loans and grants
  • Corps of Engineers civil works: $4.6 billion
  • Bureau of Reclamation: $1 billion
SCHOOLS No specific line item, but $39.5 billion of the bill’s $53.6-billion State Fiscal Stabilization Fund will go to local school districts, and school modernization is one of several eligible uses for that $39.5 billion. Local school officials will decide how to use the funds.

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