Flowmaster USA Announces Webinar Series on Plant and Piping Design

CHICAGO – Flowmaster USA, provider of world class system simulation software, announced the Plant and Piping Design Webinar Series, an ongoing free education opportunity for facility engineers, flow assurance managers, process engineers and anyone involved in the design of thermo-fluid systems used by thousands of engineers worldwide.

The Plant and Piping Design Webinars will address industry challenges by demonstrating methods and case studies from the oil and gas, process, plant, and power generation markets. Part I of the series, Improving Offshore Import/Export Systems, will take place at 10 am CST on February 23 and will provide an introduction to 1D thermo-fluid simulation by analyzing how an oil and gas conglomerate is using Flowmaster V7 to size components and assess different configurations in the design of an oil import/export terminal and single point mooring system.

“In simulating potential changes with its piping network for its mooring buoys, plus its sea-based permanent storage and production systems, this oil and gas industry leader was able to achieve dramatic operational design savings while also seeing an increase in total piping system efficiency,” said Barry Fowell, president, Flowmaster USA. “With increasing operational costs and ever tighter design regulations, oil and gas companies need software tools that will not only allow them to validate system performance and efficiency of current projects, but that also show clear development stream of future capability to support them in their future efforts.”

Plant and piping design case study highlights

The steady state calculations were used to determine piping diameters, including floating hoses to the shuttle tankers, which were needed for throughput and loading time. Then, dynamic transient analyses of surge press pressures were needed. When transfer lines are designed, it is important to assess the mechanical design conditions, including surge effects. It is crucial to clearly understand the effect of closure of any valves in the system, particularly at the downstream side. Transfer lines are long and must allow for rapid valve closure that can occur when there is an emergency trip.

Using Flowmaster, the company was able to model all the system detail and simulate all events likely to cause problems. For instance, if excessive surge pressures are predicted, then there are several methods capable of alleviating the problem, such as changing the valve closure time or adding pressure accumulators or burst discs.

A preview of upcoming events, in which other business case studies will be presented, includes:

  • Part 2: Plant Services Webinar – Minimize costs by selecting thermal system components for upgrades quickly and assess critical system design and operation for safety systems such as fire suppression.
  • Part 3: Compressible Transient Webinar – Methods and techniques for effective gas system simulation.
  • Part 4: Pressure Surge Analysis Webinar – Challenges and solutions for liquid system pressure surge including water injection systems in the oil sector and emergency shutdown scenarios in plant cooling systems.
  • Part 5: A How to Guide – How to reduce energy costs through thermal analysis, avoid pressure surge, and balance flow for critical plant operations.

Click here more information on the webinar and event series.

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