These gifts have an interesting engineering theme and would make excellent gifts for engineers

It is that time of the year again, when gift-giving becomes a requirement at most social functions.  We therefore feel obligated to continue our gifts for engineers articles, a series of articles intended to demystify the peculiar tastes of engineers.  From books to electronics this list is a continuation of what we feel if a public service for the benefit for all. The following list provides a delightful collection of gifts that engineers will appreciate the subtle engineering themes.

Lightweight-Steel-Building-Kit-US-MonumentsLightweight steel building kit

This is a great gift that will help spur the imagination of any engineer. This intricate metal model set contains all the pieces needed to create miniature metal version of three national icons—the White House, the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge. The tiny pieces are laser-cut from thin sheets of metal and have finely engraved details, down to the individual bricks on the White House walls. The set comes with a pair of needle-nosed pliers to hold the pieces in place so no glue is required.

Rocket Cocktail Shaker

A fun addition to any party, the Rocket Cocktail Shaker is a gift engineers will enjoy. Beautifully shaped like a body of a rocket, the shaker has a sleek design fitted with a base that resembles the rocket’s fins. When the cone-shaped cover of the Rocket is opened, you will find a lid and the strainer of this magnificent cocktail shaker. Once you are done, simply place it back to the base. There is never a dull moment with this great shaker and it is a fun way to make out of this world concoctions.

Digger Mechanical Paperweight

Designed to help engineers shift out tough assignments from their desk, the executive Desktop Digger is a great gift to rev up their workday and keep them organized. It has a magnetic shovel for stowing paperclips, a pencil holder, sharpener, and sticky note dispenser. Engineers can also drag and release their motors, making it the ultimate accessory for a constructive day in the office.

PM Craftsman Train And Caboose Bookends

Do you know an engineer who loves trains and keeps a collection of books? The PM Craftsman Train and Caboose Bookends will be a great addition to their home or office. Molded out of brass with a brushed finish, the bookends are sold as a pair.

Metal Works Model Gift Pack

Consisting of 3D Laser Cut Models with amazing detail, the Metal Works Model Gift Pack is for the engineer who likes to assemble things together and pays great attention to detail. The models are cut from an 11 centimeter metal sheet using micro laser etching. They make for hours of fun and are quite easy to assemble when using the included instruction sheet. It also comes with a Solar Spinner to show off the completed work.

Engineer-Wirecraft-FigurineEngineer Wirecraft Figurine

A must-have for any engineer, this beautifully crafted figurine is made entirely from copper and metal. It is suitable for any engineer who appreciates art and can be used as an aesthetic piece in the home or in the office.

Engineer Mug

A simple gift, the Engineer Mug keeps you close at heart every time your engineer takes a sip of coffee or tea. Accentuated with a colorful design, the mug has a clever saying that any engineer can relate with. It also has a similar miniature design on the inside of the mug. The mug is made of fine porcelain and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Train Locomotive Wine Bottle Holder

This is a fantastic gift for an engineer who is both a train and wine enthusiast. The wine caddie is sculpted to hold any engineer’s favorite bottle of wine, adding on both aesthetic and functional value within the home.

Gear Wall Art with Clock

Crafted from metal for durability, the Gear Wall Art is a great décor addition for an engineer who appreciated the industrial look or feel. The three dimensional clock’s rugged design is heightened by over-sized sprockets with a hand painted finish. The clock does not require any assembly.

Mini Solar Car

The Mini Solar Car is the world’s smallest solar powered car. Using no batteries, electricity is generated when the sun shines on the solar panel, turning the motor and the wheels. It also works when it is close to a strong artificial light source. The Mini Solar Car requires no assembly and makes a fun desk toy that is hard to put down.
Gears Night Light
Coming in different colors, this is an artistic and contemporary night light for your engineer that comes in an assortment of colors. It comes in personalized stain color and metal options and looks great both on and off.

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