Spotlight Project: Mubarak Pumping Station in Egypt

Over the past 20 years, the population of  Egypt has grown to 70 million. It is also anticipated that the population will double in the next two decades. These conditions presents Egypt with a unique challenge to provide the burgeoning population with enough water and food  One ambitious engineering project …

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Inexpensive fetal monitor could save thousands of lives every year

Ask Malvi Hemani why 300,000 expectant mothers and more than 5.5 million babies in developing countries die each year from complications in labor and delivery, and the young engineer will point to shortcomings in existing medical instruments and procedures to reliably monitor contractions. So Hemani invented TocoTrack, a monitor that …

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The Qingzang Tibet Railway

The Qingzang Railway (also known as Qinghai-Tibet Railway) is the world’s highest railway and a culmination of the long-held Chinese dream of connecting China to Tibet. This railway line was built to ease the travel and to also provide a passageway for minerals from Tibet to the Chinese mainland. The …

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