Actionable Time Management Tips – 3

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Learn to Say No

Saying no for some people is a very hard thing to do, but it has tremendous rewards. Ask yourself, “Is this the wisest and best use of my time right now?” If you cannot respond positively to that question, say no to the opportunity.

Under-commit and Over-deliver

If you are a consultant you might be doing this already. This is one of the greatest productivity secrets of all time, and so often we tend to do the opposite. This one skill alone can reduce tremendous amounts of stress in your life and significantly strengthen your relationships and perhaps prevent unnecessary episodes of all-nighters and red-bull binges.

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Find a Mentor or Coach

Each of us needs a raving fan who roots us on and teaches us the skills we need to be successful. Find someone who can mentor you and coach you along the path to reaching your goals. If you can’t find an all-round coach, it’s ok to have more than one. Have a coach for each area you would like to improve. For me I found someone who had been there done that and through him I was able to determine how to manage myself.

Get Motivated

Everyone is motivated differently. Find what motivates you and use it. When you’re in a positive mood you can get more done, so use positive material to help you get there. They say that more than 85% of what you hear each day is negative. If this is true, you had better have a way of reducing its effect. Make sure you are getting what you need to stay positive and motivated. I highly recommend purchasing positive tapes and CDs to listen to in the car.

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