Save $Money$ in this economy

1. Increase your auto insurance deductibles.


2. Open an online savings account


Examples of online savings accounts
The Orange Savings Account. Great rates, no fees, no minimums.

3. Stop buying bottled water


4. Downgrade your cable plan


5. Use the library more often


6. Learn how to cook and cook consistently


7. Switch to a prepaid phone plan


8. Cancel your landlinedrop-your-landline1

9. Create shopping lists


10.  Stock up during supermarket sales


and follow these tips,

  1. Come to the store with a specific list of items – and don’t stray from it.
  2. This means planning your menu for the week and itemizing how much each meal potentially costs.
  3. Buy generic. It used to be that generic goods were of poor quality. This just isn’t the case anymore
  4. Don’t use coupons. This may sound contradictory, but coupons are often for name-brand products. 50 cents off Lunchables is still too expensive. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and coupons can be useful, but don’t think you’re saving money just because you hand over a coupon.
  5. In a similar vein, don’t always buy in bulk if it’s not something you use a lot. Bulk toilet paper makes sense. But a crate of ketchup may never get used in your lifetime.
  6. Check prices by size. A large can of a certain brand can be less than a small can of another brand.
  7. Stay away from convenience foods: all of them. Frozen dinners, soda, candy, cookies. Yes, it’s less fun, but you can make cookies or buy powdered drink mix and make your dinners for much cheaper.
  8. Be sure to always save your leftovers, and never make food that will go to waste.
  9. As mentioned, stay away from restaurants.

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  2. I came up with a few more.
    Increase your auto insurance deductible
    Cook at home more often
    Make your own coffee
    Use grocery bags inplace of trash cans
    Downgrade your cable plan
    Consolidate and pay off debt as soon as possible
    Avoid unneccesary fees, atm, late fees etc
    Buy what you need
    Ride your bike of carpool
    Plan vacations ahead of time

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