BP disaster – Deepwater Horizon survivor Mike Williams

Occasionally, 60 minutes provides well-researched, in-depth analysis of prevailing topics. It was therefore expected that 60 minutes would eventually dive into the oily mess created by BP et al. The CBS expose paints a picture of presumably what happened through the eyes of one survivor. Mike Williams was the Chief Electronics Technician aboard the Deepwater Horizon on the fateful April 20 night.

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  1. I know how to stop the oil flow in the gulf. My idea is simple, quick, cheap, guaranteed to work. Important. Do not continue to angle- drill around the original pipe. Or ignite under water explosions. These actions will only prevent the flow from ever being stopped. Contact me. Now. Before it’s too late. E-mail < hahnbill@att.net. Or phone 1-216-371-0131. Or phone 1-216-881-2500.

  2. Hi Mr. Crowell,
    Yes, I understand your frustration with all that you have tried to get going. I’m in the same boat sort of. I am heading up a group of engineers called the Eagle Team to come up with feasible methods and when we agree we pass them on to BP, the White House and the Horizon Support Staff. Maybe it is the round file that gets our ideas rather than ever crossing the table of some engineers. One thing is for sure. Keep doing what you have been because after this is over some day the industry is going to have a good list of ideas from all over the world to implement before future drilling operations can be done. I sure hope that very stringent safeguards are put in place before we allow BP and the other Oil Drilling Companies to continue doing this. Keep the faith my friend. Engineering.com has been hard at work for over two months coming up with ideas to try. Bye.

    1. Corporal Willy,
      I’m beginning to believe that there is no true urgency to bringing a solution to this Gulf of Mexico oil leakage. I, as an associate of Allied Engineering-LLC out of Libertyville, Illinois, have contacted all of my immediate legislature, submitted drawing and explanation on at least one feasible method to stopping this oil leak and the summary of these efforts so far is to add all scientific and engineering techniques to a “list” and then pick which one “they” (BP Engineers) think will be more feasible. If their engineers actually knew which technique would work, then the leak would be stopped! Why do I believe that there’s no true urgency to stop the leak? Because you can see all of the opportunities that have been given to the BP Corporation to come up with compassionate commercials stating how they’re helping those whom have lost or suffered through this catastrophe and other propaganda to let the people know that BP is doing all it can.

      We’re trying to get some funding to be on site and employ our technique, but what we’re getting is run around through the very channels needed to contact in order to help. That’s why I believe there’s a lack of true urgency for this disaster.
      w. crowell
      engineering sales/principal investigator
      Allied Engineering-LLC

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