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A Crumbling Infrastructure Cannot Support a Healthy Economy

New Report Highlights Americas Failing Infrastructure; American Society of Civil Engineers President Says Investment Will Stimulate Economy and Create Jobs
February 2009 – With each passing day, aging and overburdened infrastructure further threatens the economy and quality of life in every state, city and town in the nation. In all areas of modern life, from transportation and energy to dams and drinking water, the countrys infrastructure is struggling to meet the needs of its growing population. As the nation debates how best to address its current economic crisis, investment in the vital infrastructure systems that support our society has become a key component for discussion. Not only could such an investment create jobs, if done right it could also provide tangible benefits to the American people, such as reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, clean and abundant water supplies and protection against natural hazards.

On January 28th, 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), released its newest Report Card for Americas Infrastructure, the first update since 2005. ASCE released its very first report in 1998, and unfortunately the nations infrastructure GPA has only continued to worsen. This newest report covers 15 categories of infrastructure, including: roads, bridges, inland waterways, aviation, drinking water, energy, hazardous waste, rail, schools, solid waste, transit, wastewater, public parks and recreation, dams and levees. While the full report will not be released until March 25th, this initial release includes letter grades for each the categories, solutions for improvement and the overall investment needed to improve the nations infrastructure. Wayne Klotz, President of ASCE, explains the grades and give them context in light of the current economic stimulus plan, outlines solutions including the need for a significant investment, outlines guidelines for successful investment of the stimulus infrastructure funds and provides insight into local issues.
Talent/Guest: Dr. Wayne Klotz, President of the ASCE
Source: ASCE.org

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