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Guide for New Engineers

This article is sponsored in part by Become a sponsor – (what’s this?) The “New Engineer’s Guide” articles are an ongoing series of articles for engineers new to the profession. These articles offer helpful tips, recommendations on issues that most engineers have had to deal with in their careers. These articles range …

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Actionable Time Management Tips-2

This article is sponsored in part by Become a sponsor – (what’s this?) Your Work Book In our busy working lives today, we are bombarded with so many different distractions that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on, particularly if you work in an open-plan office. Instead of …

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How to achieve life work balance

Following our work-life balance article for engineers, several users suggested that we come up with some strategies and suggestions for the ever-elusive work-life balance. Our authors came up with the following recommendations and suggestions. First and foremost, it will be appropriate to determine what are the basics that have to be addressed …

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How to Live Your Life 2

Even the purest of the pure Jesus had to go through the learning process. It was only later that he became The Christ. In the above quotation I am decoding Christ as the pure humanness in each one of us. The bottom line is this pure divine knowledge . This …

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How to Live Your Life

What is the secret of living an authentic life? In the world of paintings for each master painter there is only one expert. This expert becomes the authority by studying every aspect of the painter’s life. Where the painter lived, what he ate, who were his clients, what kind of …

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Work-life balance for engineers

Work-life balance has become some kind of a cliche, and the more it figures in our talks, the less we seem to have of it. To begin with, the expression itself is a misnomer. Work is a part of life, how can we balance a part with the whole and …

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