How to Live Your Life

What is the secret of living an authentic life?
In the world of paintings for each master painter there is only one expert. This expert becomes the authority by studying every aspect of the painter’s life. Where the painter lived, what he ate, who were his clients, what kind of pigment he used, what kind of paint brushes, what kind of canvas, who were his close relatives. His girlfriends. Above all who were his students and what kind of talent
and what kind of quality and style of paintings these students did. He will look at the climate and the social and political circumstances of the artist…etc… etc… etc…

Because in paintings when some one becomes a great artist then immediately fakes appear. Just like Rolex fakes.

These fakes even other experts can tell. Then there are great master painters who have a soft heart and when a student makes a painting and shows it to the master the master looks at it and to encourage the student the master says, ‘What a masterpiece’ and signs it himself even though it is…
Sometimes the painting can have the original master painter’s signature and even fingerprints of the master yet the painting is not original. So it is up to the authority appraiser to tell whether the painting has really been done by the master painter. It is called the hand of the artist. Only the authority on the master painter can tell whether it is the hand of the master painter that painted the painting.
Now your life is a masterpiece. Every life is a masterpiece. The question is; are you the top authority on your life. Do you really know that your painting of life is being painted by your own hand or is it being painted by your self image. Is your life run by your self image with a few finger prints of yours and you mostly signing your life off? Just as for every master artist there is an authority appraiser there has to be a life appraiser for every individual. And this life appraiser has to be the real person himself.
Not only must you know who you are; you must also know your bottom line. The power, the strength, the source, the force, the foundation, the secret, the truth, the wealth, the reality, the purity, the ecstasy, the beauty, the wonder, the lottery, the prize, the eternal happiness, the richness etc. of life is you! It all depends on the quality of the humanness in you.
How do you know, understand and become your true self, this humanness? The substance, the essence that is you is the end result of a process. This process is called education. This education of life takes place in roughly four stages. The first and second stages, the fetus and early childhood stage develop mostly emotional intelligence education. If this early period emotional intelligence education goes smoothly and is healthy then the humanness in you is well on its way to actualizing itself to its full potential. Chances are that your emotional intelligence education has been healthy except for one factor. Your parents have convinced you that you are the best. As as a result you think of your self as a trophy. So your self image hides your real humanness and controls your life’s agenda. The real you is cloaked in a phony self image.
And remember it is all about self image. And don’t forget what our scriptures say correctly that you are made in Gd’s image. And how does Gd describe himself? He says to Moses, ‘I am who I am.’ So become aware that the real you is made in the same mold, ‘You are who you are’. The real you is he who he is. So when you are what you are not supposed to be then you are not who you are. So when you are your self image then you are not what you are supposed to be.
When you live your life when you are not what you are supposed to be then your life is not what it is supposed to be. Your phony self image provides you with a life where the pleasures are also phony.


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