Which of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the given argument

No electoral system will ever produce the right leaders. From ancient times it has been recognized that the kind of people with the qualities needed to win high office have, by the same token, measures of personal ambition and single-mindedness quite undesirable in a responsible leader. Conversely those with less dubious virtues, such as humility and an open mind, would neither emerge as leaders nor survive as leaders under a selection system that is so inherently competitive.

Which of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the argument above?

A. Personal ambition and single-mindedness are necessary in a leader.
B. Humility and open-mindedness are not electoral assets.
C. People who win elections are never the right leaders.
D. Humble and open-minded individuals are desirable as leaders.
E. What is wrong with the electoral system is its competitiveness.

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    1. Last Week’s Answer: C is the correct answer.

      Reason 1: You need to be ambitious and single minded to succeed in elections and these are the wrong qualities for a leader to have.

      Reason 2: Those who don’t have these qualities won’t win elections because elections need to be competitive.

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