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Third quarter engineering unemployment data show mixed trends

The unemployment rate for U.S. electrical and electronics engineers (EEs), which had jumped to a record high in the second quarter, has eased, according to third quarter data just released by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the engineering profession as a whole, the rate continued to climb, but more slowly.

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An engineer’s guide to LEED and LEED accreditation

The LEED accreditation is the highest valued environmental accreditation and its importance cannot be undervalued in the coming years. Today most companies are audited for compliance to green initiatives. There are stringent rules to comply with the green regulations and any failure can lead to huge fines. With more and more companies resorting to go green, the LEED accreditation will only gain further importance. LEED accreditation is in its nascent stage yet over 75,000 professionals have been accredited so far.

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