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The best and most effective job-search websites for engineers

Now that you have an outstanding resume and an effective cover letter completed, it is time you embarked on a search for a new job. To guide you and make the process easier, we have compiled a list of the mostly relevant and commonly used job search websites for engineers.

All engineering disciplines

  1. Engineering Jobs Directory –  This is our favorite job search website for engineering jobs. We like its easy-to-use features as well as the high level of interactivity. In addition to engineering jobs, they also provide access to useful listings on engineering companies, their products and services. The website also allows you to create a online resume profile to showcase your skills and experience.
  2. Engineer.netThis website ranks very well in Google, which is an indication that Google finds the site relevant for certain popular search phrases. The website is well categorized allowing you to easily find the job you are looking for based on your discipline and location.
  3. EngineerJobs.com – Allows you to browse or search engineering jobs (such as chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, and mechanical) and technical jobs.
  4. Engineering Central– This is a network of about 200 websites devoted to Engineering Jobs. These websites cover every state and every major metropolitan area in the US.
  5. iHireEngineering– This website allows you to create a profile and search ‘thousands of  job postings” from “exclusive job postings, internet job boards, newspapers, and classified ads”.
  6. Monster – Provides users with a high-tech interface for searching jobs and also allows you to create a profile. One of the best features about this site is that relevant jobs are recommended to you based on the parameters you set in your profile.

Global and Discipline-specific


By Country

  1. ASME Career Center – American Society of Mechanical Engineers career center. One-stop resource for job hunting strategies, career management, workplace trends & advice and the only job board dedicated exclusively to Mechanical Engineers.
  2. IEEE Job Site – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers website which carries jobs for engineers on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics.
  3. Civil Engineering Central –  According to them they are the “web’s premier site for civil engineering jobs and related careers”.
  4. ChemicalEngineer.com– The place to showcase Chemical Engineering jobs and products to Chemical Engineers.

Governmental Engineering Jobs

  1. Engineering Daily Government Jobs An independent company which consolidates jobs from different websites and updates them regularly.  The website also allows you to apply for the jobs directly within the website.
  2. USAJobs – Owned and updated by the government and has a variety of different jobs in several governmental agencies.

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11 Responses for “The best and most effective job-search websites for engineers”

  1. Jon Speer says:

    No mention of dice.com? Yet monster.com is #7? That’s, er, interesting.

  2. md sameer khan says:

    Is there any job vacancies for graduates in mechanical engineering for indians ?

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