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How does your company collaborate on Projects?

The Engineering Daily is embarking on an ambitious project to create a project management and collaboration tool specifically for engineers.  This tool will be entirely hosted online and we intend it to be the most useful resource for engineers. As such, we are soliciting comments from engineers to help us …

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Does Your Company Need A Data Czar?

Twenty years of my life have been spent in the company of surveyors, engineers, geographic information systems professionals, and cad-designers. I have always had a great admiration and respect for these disciplines. The calculations, maps, instruments, the whole nine yards.  Knowledge of the inner workings of these systems coupled with …

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All about cloud-computing and how it applies to engineers

This article is sponsored in part by TouchWebServices.org – (what’s this?) If you have been paying attention to the Google, Microsoft rivalry you might have figured out that these two titans have something up their sleeve. On one hand it is search. Cloud Computing On the other hand of this rivalry is cloud …

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