The Best Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is actually a fascinating country that is house to a selection of different spots, every with their private unique tradition. Whether you happen to be looking to check out mountainside onsen villages, tired beach-lined island destinations or buzzing megacities, Japan features something for each traveler.

Kyoto is among the most broadly important metropolitan areas in the country, with a vast amount of cultural temples and stunning works of art. It is a must-visit place for anyone enthusiastic about learning about Japoneses culture.

Mt. Fuji

In Japan, climbing Support Fuji is known as a traditional practice, and it is also part of a Buddhist pilgrimage route. Being a sacred off-road, it is thought to hold the state of mind of deceased ancestors, and praying are offered because they ascend the rocky steps of its crater rim.

As the greatest peak on the island of Honshu, Fuji is mostly a favourite holiday destination. It is classic symmetry encapsulates japan love of nature and is a must check out for surfers to the country.


Hakone is a perfect retreat from the bustle of Tokyo. This picturesque mountain city offers amazing lakeside perspectives of iconic Mount Fuji, relaxing awesome springs, and world-class artwork museums.

A visit to Asia isn’t finish without a take a look at one of its many onsen. It’s a deeply-rooted traditions that dates back centuries, and soaking in an onsen is a great way to decompress through the craziness of Tokyo.

Hakone also offers several terrific ryokan, or perhaps traditional Japanese inns. For anyone who is looking to turn every day trip into an over night stay, you’ll want to look for a place with a classic onsen and great food.


Kanazawa, sometimes called the ‘Little Kyoto of Japan’, is known as a charming destination with classic wooden townhouses, fascinating tales of geisha, and remnants of judgment samurai classes.

One of the city’s most attractive attractions is the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, featuring rotating exhibitions by standard-setter Japoneses and intercontinental performers. Another must-see is the Tsuzumimon Gate facing Kanazawa Stop, blending modern day inspiration with traditional art.

The UNESCO Universe Heritage-listed Shirakawa-go and Gokayama with their gassho-zukuri farmhouses are worth visiting, as are the pretty mountains encircling Kanazawa.


Matsumoto is actually a city that is around for hundreds of years. It’s known for its feudal castle, cafes, folk artistry, and classic shopping region.

It is also a very good base meant for trips towards the Northern Alps, such as Kamikochi or Norikura.

The best way to encounter Matsumoto is certainly on a led tour. County licensed courses will show you all the city provides.


Takayama is a little Japanese village packed packed with charisma. The well-preserved historic quarter showcases plenty of exquisite design dating returning to the Edo period, minor sake breweries, boutiques, and fabulous old merchants’ homes.

One of the things for you to do in Takayama is visiting Hida Persons Village, a great open-air museum that features 30 Edo age houses and temples or wats. The commune is a short 30 minute walk (or 10 day shuttle bus ride) via downtown Takayama.


Shirakawa-go can be described as World Historical site with three historical mountain neighborhoods. These considerably pitched thatched-roof huts had been built to resist heavy snowfall and go as far back hundreds of years.

You can visit these historical houses all year round, but January and Feb . are a specifically magical time for you to see all of them illuminated with swathes of snow.

Take a walk around the community to see the Gassho-style properties, souvenir outlets, restaurants and cafes. Also you can take in some of the whole town by a high stage.


Osaka is a busy port town with terrific shopping and a energetic nightlife. Additionally, it features a few of Japan’s the majority of popular restaurants which is home into a number of sakura (cherry-blossom) browsing parks.

For a truly unique experience, require a funicular up to Koya-san, a historical Buddhist monastic complex. Here, you’ll find hundreds of wats or temples and shrines, each having its own exclusive character.

Japoneses Alps

Japan Alps are a couple of the most wonderful batch ranges in Japan. Positioned in central Honshu, they’re just two hours from Tokyo and produce a great vacation spot for all those looking to avoid the busy cities.

If you’re a hiker, the Northern Alps is home to among the better trails near your vicinity. You’ll find easy day outdoor hikes around pristine valleys, as well as more challenging journeys to some from the the majority of popular peaks in Japan.

You can even visit a recognized Wasabi plantation, explore an incredible castle and learn about traditional homemade projects in this region. Really worth a visit no matter the season, yet it’s specifically great in the winter.

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