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Title: Is the resume dead?
Post by: t_amos on February 12, 2010, 02:40:04 AM
Every time I apply to a job by sending a copy of my resume to someone, I always get the feeling that no one will ever look at my resume. I constantly wonder why I have to go through this agony and perpetual uncertainty about the fate of my resume? Is there an alternative way of representing myself to the right audience and showcasing my talents and skills in a more certain manner? 
Title: Re: Is the resume dead?
Post by: michael.brit on April 22, 2010, 09:59:07 PM

There are a couple of options to deal with the resume black hole
problem you describe.

One is to follow up with a phone call. With
most organizations it is possible to call the HR department
directly and when you describe that you applied for a position
they will usually be cordial and helpful. You can then get a name
and a number in HR and follow up later. HR will likely ping the manager
and get back to you. No guarantees you will get the job but at
least you will get status. Being pro active may also get you to
the top of the pile.

The other option is to use a connection on the inside. If you know
somebody who works there or someone who knows someone...
Never disregard any connection. Mention it to friends or others
and if the organization is large it's very likely you will find a link.
You can then follow up with the internal contact and get a status
update. As before this may also raise awareness and lead to
an interview.

And of course it helps to start with a excellent engineering resume.

Best of luck.

Michael Brit
Engineering Resume Specialist (