Cetrus on Demand

Contact: Casey Ritts
Email: critts@cetrus.com
Telephone: 877-238-7871
Website http://www.cetrus.com

About the company

Cetrus offers users “on demand” pay-per-use access to PC-installed popular engineering software titles instead of purchasing expensive traditional/restricted licenses. We enable the ability to track and tag billing data to usage, so that the consultant can submit software costs for reimbursement to the project they are working on.

Pay only for the time you use the software with a credit card. Usage is metered in real-time from your harddrive.

Unlimited workstation licensing. All employees can have the software on their PC for free, there are no dongles or license keys.

Expense usage costs.  Allocate software costs to a project or customer with Expense-2-Project (E2P™) billing technology.

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