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3 More Moments of Genius

Following our initial moments of genius article which profiled the likes of Isaac Newtown and Archimedes, it dawned on us that there have been other similar moments of genius. Though not as celebrated falling of an apple kind of eureka moments the following moments of genius brought solutions or answers …

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The Burma Railway – (The Death Railway)

The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway or the the Thailand–Burma Railway is a 415 kilometres (258 mi) railway between Bangkok, Thailand, and Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar), built by the Empire of Japan during World War II, to support its forces in the Burma campaign.  One of …

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6 Wonderful Engineering-Oriented Movies

Our hardworking staff at the The Engineering Daily recently compiled the following list of movies that would interest engineers. The research simply involved analyzing plotlines,  themes and the connection of the director to engineering to simply come us with a list of movies lacking the cliché love  stories and half-baked …

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A Great Engineer and Author – Nevil Shute

Every now and then we feature engineers that have contributed significantly to our profession. These exercises are simply to remind you of the important role that we play as engineers and also to provide useful insights into the lives of celebrated engineers, scientists and even authors. Nevil Shute is one …

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Project Spotlight: Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is an active project beneath the Swiss Alps, expected to open in 2016.  The completed Gotthard project will consist of two single-track with a route length of 35.4 miles plus 94.3 miles of tunnels shafts and passages, easily making it the world’s longest rail tunnel.  The …

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Profile Engineer – Archimedes

Archimedes is know as one of the great scientists of antiquity mostly hailed for his mathematical work, his theories of mechanics and his clever use of machines in the defense of Syracuse against the Romans. It is believed he studied under followers of Euclid in Alexandria, Egypt before returning to …

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