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Two sand glasses – Brain Teaser

hour_glass_1What is the quickest way to time a 9 minute cooking session with two sand-glasses of 4 and 7 minutes respectively?

Post your answer and calculations below.


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  1. Tell your cook to do it 🙂

  2. At Time=0
    Start both 4 & 7 Timer
    At Time= 4
    Restart The (4 min.) Timer
    At Time = 7
    Restart The (7 Min.) Timer
    ** Begin The Cooking
    At Time = 8
    (When The 7 Min. timer run out)
    restart the 4 min. timer
    At time= 12
    restart the 4 min. timer

    So : the cooking time = 1 + 4+ 4 = 9 min.

  3. Good job everyone,
    Here is my solution. It is fairly similar to some of yours.
    Start both timers simultaneously, then turn the 4 minute one over as soon as it runs out. Then when the 7 minute timer runs out, turn it over. When the 4 minute timer runs out for the second time, turn over the 7 minute timer which has been running for 1 minute, and when it runs out, hey presto 9 minutes have elapsed.

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