10 ways social networking can impact your business and career as a civil engineering professional

A guide pointing out the various benefits of using social networks as a means of career development and capturing news clients and employees. These benefits include,
Recruiting Professionals
Industry News
Relationship Building
Recruiting College Students
Recruiting Boomerangs
Professional Growth

CivilEngineering Central 2.0

CivilEngineering Central.com further enhances its presence on the Internet in order to further reach out to the civil engineering community.

To Tweet or not to Tweet

A discussion on the new rapidly growing micro-blogging platform, Twitter. What is the purpose and its effectiveness? Is there a way for engineers to use this platform for productive purposes?

A Mother’s Day Poem: By An Engineering Mind

Mother’s day is right around the corner. I know in this economy, buying a gift is probably difficult. So, get creative. Make some coupons, or, let her see the grand kids, OR, write her a POEM. That’s what I did. HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY.

Social Networking for engineers

In an attempt to open a forum for discussion on social networking for engineers, this article covers the more widely accepted site for professionals, LinkedIn.

Engineers’ embrace (or lack thereof ) of social media

A candid discussion on the effectiveness and usefulness of facebook from an engineer’s perspective. Is it a force for good or a purposeless time waster?