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How to achieve life work balance

Following our work-life balance article for engineers, several users suggested that we come up with some strategies and suggestions for the ever-elusive work-life balance. Our authors came up with the following recommendations and suggestions. First and foremost, it will be appropriate to determine what are the basics that have to be addressed …

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How to Live Your Life 2

Even the purest of the pure Jesus had to go through the learning process. It was only later that he became The Christ. In the above quotation I am decoding Christ as the pure humanness in each one of us. The bottom line is this pure divine knowledge . This …

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Work-life balance for engineers

Work-life balance has become some kind of a cliche, and the more it figures in our talks, the less we seem to have of it. To begin with, the expression itself is a misnomer. Work is a part of life, how can we balance a part with the whole and …

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