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Questions to ask potential employers during job interviews

Several weeks ago, I had a chance to interview a couple of candidates for a civil engineering position. The candidates were well qualified within their own merits, each exhibiting unique skills and attributes. One thing I found to be interesting was the varying type of questions asked by the interviewees …

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Is Your Competitor Better At Dating?

Imagine that you are asked to interview with an architectural or engineering firm. The corporate recruiter tells you “The interview will last 45 minutes. There are 5 candidates coming in to interview for 1 opening. You have 45 minutes to talk to the hiring authority. We will let you know …

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The best and most comprehensive guide on interviewing

Back – » 4. Group Attack » 5. Group Interview » 6. The Real World » 7. Presentation 8. Behavioral These types of interviews tend to focus almost entirely on questions relating to what you have done in the past. The assumption is that your past behavior in response to …

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10 common interviewing techniques used by engineering companies

Like it or not, interviewing still remains as the single most effective way for employers to assess potential employees. As frustrating as the interviewing process might be, educating yourself about these ten interviewing styles used by engineering interviewers will give you better leverage at your next interview. Besides, you don’t …

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32 common interviewing mistakes you should avoid

The list below provides an insightful list of the most common mistakes interviewees make. The list is based on reports from 153 executive search firms. Source: Carnegie Resources. Tardiness Poor or casual personal appearance Lack of interest and enthusiasm: Passive and indifferent Over emphasis on money: interested only in best …

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General guidelines for interviewing well

Now that you have finally secured a job interview with one or several companies, it is a good idea to prepare yourself for the interview(s) appropriately. First, you will need to gather enough information about the company from the company’s website and other sources. It has been said that your …

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