5 Incredibly Geeky Gifts for Engineers

It is usually nice to receive a gift, especially one that appears well thought-out and applicable. Unfortunately, engineers are quite peculiar and buying relevant gifts for them is still a mysterious undertaking for many. So, given that we understand this misunderstood demographic, we have compiled several articles to help non-engineers in choosing the most ideal […]

Magazines That Every Engineer Should Subscribe To

Outside the monthly subscription for your discipline-specific organisation’s magazine, the following magazines are perfect additions to your existing collection of knowledge-gathering stack of books. Some of these are meant to keep you abreast of the latest advancement in our field, while some a intended to make you aware of the latest fashion. Both these updates […]

6 Wonderful Engineering-Oriented Movies

Our hardworking staff at the The Engineering Daily recently compiled the following list of movies that would interest engineers. The research simply involved analyzing plotlines,  themes and the connection of the director to engineering to simply come us with a list of movies lacking the cliché love  stories and half-baked attempts at intellectual engagement. The […]

Gift Suggestions to inspire the Young Engineer within

Intellectually Engaging Games and Books for the young engineer which provide provide fun and interactive modes of entertainment.

The Best Electronic Gift Ideas for Engineers

This one focuses on electronics, which any engineer would appreciate as gifts. For electronics, the key is functionality and durability.

5 Mentally Engaging Books that Engineers would like as Gifts

On our third installation of gifts for engineers, we present yet another guide for the confused souls who are unable to buy gifts for theirs engineer wives, husbands, friends etc.  The Gifts for Engineers series is a passionate attempt at providing guidance to those who might be clueless when it comes to getting gifts for […]

5 Amazing Gifts for Engineers that will cost you less than $20

Engineers are peculiar people.  We see numbers where others see lines. We like complexity and dislike anything petty. Much more so, it the latter does not involve math. We admire the marriage between steel and concrete.  So it is not a surprising occurrence for a non-engineer to be unable to understand the things we like.   […]

What type of gifts do engineers like?

A spouse of one of our loyal users contacted me asking me for advise on the type of gift she should get for her husband. The husband, a 34-year-old civil engineer is apparently a nerd with a passion for reading. So, I decided to do a tally and determine what type of gifts engineers would […]

Top 10 remarkable engineers of all time

Top 10 most remarkable engineers of all time. Their contributions were noble and genius without which life would not have turned out the way it did.