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Brain Teaser: A Sliding Ladder

A 25 ft ladder (assume it is not an extension ladder) is placed with its foot 7 ft away from a building. If the top of the ladder slips down 4 ft, how many feet will the bottom slide out? A distribution manager’s dilemma | Back – Next | Fill …

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Brain teaser – A distribution manager’s dilemma

John the distribution manager for a leading mobile phone company has a dilemma. The warehouse has 10 unlabelled rows of pallets, each row contains thousands of phones destined for different countries. Each 100g mobile phone is exactly the same except for those in the row destined for Japan, which have …

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The Raffle Tickets Brain Teaser

Three girls at the school fair were each buying a raffle ticket. The only unsold tickets were numbered 4,6,9,21 and 26. After their three purchases were completed, their friend Tom noted that – The total of the three numbers was not a prime number. The total was not divisible by …

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Cross a Rope Bridge in 17 minutes

Four people need to cross a rickety rope bridge to get back to their camp at night. Unfortunately, they only have one flashlight and it only has enough light left for seventeen minutes. The bridge is too dangerous to cross without a flashlight, and it’s only strong enough to support …

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