Lessons learned from the BP oil spill disaster

The impact of the oil spill disaster on the Gulf ecosystem and the livelihood of many will be a subject of many future discussions and litigation.  The spill, which has now been contained, has clearly been a nightmare that BP wishes to put behind it.  Especially so, given that ongoing investigations continue to reveal that […]

Can we ever end our dependence on oil?

An insightful discussion on how we can end our dependence on oil and save the planet and ourselves.

A critical analysis of BP’s mismanagement of the oil spill

As the BP gusher continues to spew black gold into the Gulf of Mexico, engineers everywhere cannot help but wonder why the problem is yet to be solved.  The most intriguing question thus far has been why BP continues to come up with almost laughable solutions to what has now become the worst environmental disaster […]

BP disaster – Deepwater Horizon survivor Mike Williams

Occasionally, 60 minutes provides well-researched, in-depth analysis of prevailing topics. It was therefore expected that 60 minutes would eventually dive into the oily mess created by BP et al. The CBS expose paints a picture of presumably what happened through the eyes of one survivor. Mike Williams was the Chief Electronics Technician aboard the Deepwater […]