5 of the Most Interesting Engineering Projects in Africa

The last three years have been full of uncertainty for many in the engineering and construction industry. However in Africa, one noticeable constant has been the insatiable demand for infrastructure in all forms. Partly fueled by the necessity to access and extract resources, implementation of grand infrastructure projects has also been mandated by governmental policies. […]

A More Effective and Painless Way to Handle Tenders in Africa

Tenders have long been used as the sole method of procuring goods and services by most companies. Whether done to ensure transparency or to simply maximize the benefits of competition, tenders are arguably the most effective mode of procuring. Browsing through any newspaper on any weekday, one is sure to find tenders ranging from supply […]

Project development opportunities in Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA — Themis Investments Limited (TIL) is looking to partner with experienced Engineering, Consulting and Manufacturing firms to provide Technical Assistance for Infrastructure projects in several countries in Africa.

What it takes to be an international engineering company: An introductory guide

A how-to guide for companies pursuing international opportunities. The article provides suggestions that companies should consider before they venture into different territories outside of their home base.

KBR Awarded Framework Contract for Engineering Services by Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd.

KBR announced today that it has been awarded a Framework Contract by Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd., the technology arm of the Sasol Group (Sasol), to provide engineering services across various sectors of Sasol Group`s business including downstream, petrochemical, and upstream in Southern Africa.