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10 Engineering projects which altered the course of life

There are some engineering projects that have made a strong impact on the quality of life of the people and improved economies within different regions. Others have acted as benchmarks over the years, influencing the construction and development of new projects through their innovative approach or use of new technologies. …

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Best Cities To Be A Green Engineer In U.S.

A green engineer is defined as one who designs materials, processes, systems, and devices with the objective of minimizing pollution and reducing the risk to human health and the environment. Green engineers encompass all the basic principles of engineering with sound design principles. Increasingly, all engineers are becoming green engineers …

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How To Network For Your Engineering Job

Networking is an essential skill that any engineer must utilize frequently to be successful in their career. A big part of the job search process is about building relationships with people, and using these relationships to find new career opportunities. Networking takes time and you must make a point of …

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