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Magazines That Every Engineer Should Subscribe To

Outside the monthly subscription for your discipline-specific organisation’s magazine, the following magazines are perfect additions to your existing collection of knowledge-gathering stack of books. Some of these are meant to keep you abreast of the latest advancement in our field, while some a intended to make you aware of the latest fashion. Both these updates are important and one of the most convinient ways to gather such information is through monthly magazine subscriptions.

Here are the best magazine that will:

Keep you Intelligent

Increase your IQ and Knowledge on vast topics

Develop your Professional  Knowledge

Update you on Fashion, Dating and Life in General

Provide Fun and Informative Watercooler Discussions Ideas

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3 Responses for “Magazines That Every Engineer Should Subscribe To”

  1. indiebell says:

    Great list! Love the how you covered a broad spectrum here. FYI… some of your links are broken under “Increase your IQ and Knowledge on vast topics” and “Update you on Fashion, Dating and Life in General.”

  2. MechEGiRl says:

    I like GQ magazine for the eye candy and the incredible cologne samples!

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