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Tips to use social media effectively for job hunting

Having an effective social media strategy greatly affects the number of job opportunities that you can become aware of. With different sites for professional and social networking available, engineers must become more savvy and tactical in their approach to network and gather information on potential employers as well as industry …

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Ten Things An Engineer Has To Do Before They Die

Everyone needs a bucket list, especially engineers. Have you ever thought of all the things you would like to achieve in this world as an engineer? While the thought of planning your end may appear macabre to some, it is often a good way of mapping out your entire career …

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Top Ten Big Engineering Projects

Some of the world’s biggest engineering projects have set new trends throughout the world, setting precedence for new solutions. Overcoming challenging physical locations, climate changes, application of new technologies, political coalitions and financial constraints the following projects continue to inspire engineers worldwide: Large Hadron Collider, Border of France and Switzerland …

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