Who do you believe is the greatest engineer that has ever lived

By: Engineering - Jacksonville, Florida (United States) on Mon May, 20 2013

We recently published an article which provided our readers with what we believe are the top 10 remarkable engineers of all time. The article has been very popular so we decided to create a more interactive way to engage our readers. Through this page, you can VOTE one these preselected engineers as the one you believe is the greatest that has ever lived.  We will be collecting votes for the next 30 days (Until June, 19 2013) from as many engineers as we can possibly get.
To vote, simply login using your engineering daily username and password and post your response on the ‘post a response tab’ below.
After 30 days, we will tally the votes and provide the results.
Please invite your fellow engineers to participate, we would like to me this list as realistic as possible.

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    I am a student currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering
    Afton, Iowa (United States)

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    Windsor, Ontario (Canada)

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    A civil engineer with a passion for web applications development
    Atlanta, Georgia (United States)

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