What is on your list of the Top 5 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

By: Engineering - Jacksonville, Florida (United States) on Sat Nov, 24 2012

We recently compiled a list of the Top 10 of the most beautiful bridges in the world. We have completed the top five, from number 10 to number 6. For the Top 5 we have decided to involve our users.

Please nominate your top 5 bridges by responding to this question in the answers section below.
We will alert you when we have compiled the final list.


1. The Golden Gate Bridge
2. Brooklyn Bridge
3. Millau Viaduct
4. Tower Bridge London
5. Magdeburg Water Bridge


1. Chain Bridge Hungary 2. The Chapel Bridge Lucerne, Switzerland 3. Golden Gate Bridge 4. Pont de pierre (Bordeaux) 5. Tower Bridge London

By: Doug - Afton, Iowa (United States)
on Sat Dec, 22 2012


1. Golden Gate Bridge 2. Khaju Bridge 3. Pont du Gard 4. The Wind and Rain Bridge 5. Brooklyn Bridge

By: Kevin - Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
on Wed Dec, 26 2012

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