An engineer’s guide figuring out Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs

Saving for retirement is an important financial aspect of your present, which will help in securing your future. Hence it is all the more important to gather as much data as possible and spend some time researching before you decide on a plan.

All about online savings accounts

Now that you have joined the league of spend less and save more, what do you do with the extra cash every month?

A day-to-day guide for engineers

Our day-to-day guide is a product of engineers’ collective intelligence. The sole goal is to provide engineers with insightful and relevant articles aimed at guiding them through the day-to-day challenges of an engineer’s life and career?

Energy saving – Spending Money To Save Money

Saving energy starts with expectations about cost and doing the obvious.

An engineer’s guide to smart budgeting and realistic debt management

You are finally finished with college and you are happily employed at hopefully the company of your dreams. Before you realize it, six months have passed and the first payment on your student loan is due. So, how do you prioritize your bills while still cognizant of future spending, down payment on a house, marriage etc? This article provides a realistic guide on smart budgeting and debt management from an engineer’s perspective.

An introduction to the 401(k) Retirement Plan

This article attempts to highlight the importance of participating in a 401k retirement plan offered by your company.

Guide for New Engineers

An article series for engineers new to the profession. These articles offer helpful tips, recommendations on issues that most engineers have had to deal with in their careers.

You’ve lost your job now what? | Rolling over your 401K to an IRA

A guide for rolling over your 401K to an IRA after you lose your job.

Save $Money$ in this economy

10 tips to help you survive this treacherous economy