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A look at the financial aspects of the engineering discipline, salary, career change costs, costs for starting your own engineering company, etc.

All about online savings accounts

With the economic downturn, most people are now realizing the need to save when they can.  This realization has sparked an increase in personal savings, which only goes to confirm that there is more control on the spending and people are resorting to more frugal ways. Now that you have …

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A day-to-day guide for engineers

This article is sponsored in part by Become a sponsor – (what’s this?) There comes a day in the busy life as an engineer when you crave guidance and direction. In most cases, these cravings might be nourished by a phone call or by way of a simple conversation with …

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Energy saving – Spending Money To Save Money

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save on energy costs. Unfortunately, most people make two mistakes when focusing on saving energy. The first mistake is not going after the low hanging fruit. No/low cost ways of saving energy include temperature setbacks on thermostats when buildings are not …

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An introduction to the 401(k) Retirement Plan

This article is sponsored in part by Become a sponsor – (what’s this?) 401k retirement plans are probably the most useful (if not the only) retirement vehicles that new engineers have at their disposal. This article attempts to highlight the importance of participating in a 401k retirement plan offered by your company. …

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Guide for New Engineers

This article is sponsored in part by Become a sponsor – (what’s this?) The “New Engineer’s Guide” articles are an ongoing series of articles for engineers new to the profession. These articles offer helpful tips, recommendations on issues that most engineers have had to deal with in their careers. These articles range …

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Save $Money$ in this economy

1. Increase your auto insurance deductibles. 2. Open an online savings account Examples of online savings accounts The Orange Savings Account. Great rates, no fees, no minimums. 3. Stop buying bottled water 4. Downgrade your cable plan 5. Use the library more often 6. Learn how to cook and cook …

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