10 books that you should have read by now

I am not a fan of novels. Perhaps it due to the fact that as an intellectually curious engineer, novels do not usually provide the needed mental stimulation. It might also be because I do not like dull feeling of having to live vicariously in someone else’s imagined story. While novels did occupy many stretches […]

Transitioning back into an engineering career

The 2008-2010 recession saw many engineers out of work, in some cases for an extended period of time. From what we have observed here at The Engineering Daily, the jobs section continues to receive a wider audience, at times single positions receiving multiple applicants. This definitely indicates that there is still a segment of the […]

How to effectively manage an engineering design team

The design phase of an engineering project is usually the most complex and crucial portion of any engineering project. Effective management of the personnel and resources is important in making sure that the project is completed within budget and in a timely fashion.
» 1. Personnel
» 2. Roles
» 3. Motivation
» 4. Communication
» 5. Progress Monitoring
» 6. Feedback

Brain Teaser – Determine the code to open the briefcase

Doug had forgotten the 5 digit code to his briefcase. However, he did remember five clues: The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen; The fourth number is one more than the second number; The first number is one less than twice the second number; The second number plus the third number equals ten; […]

Tips on successful networking

Networking is all about nurturing productive relationships. This guide shows you how to.

» 1. No Assumptions
» 2. Relax
» 3. Listen
» 4. Find a common interest
» 5. Be Impressive
» 6. Make a graceful exit
» 7. Follow through
» 8. Personal Touch
» 9. Harvest
» 10. Become a resource

10 essential networking tips

An insightful list of 10 often-overlooked networking basics. A must for job seekers and serious-minded professionals looking to cultivate long-lasting and productive relationships.

Guide to help you prepare for the most common types of interviews

Some of the most common interviewing techniques you will encounter in your job search.

10 common interviewing techniques used by engineering companies

A must read for all job seekers. Provides an informative list of ten common interviewing techniques and highlights crucial insights on how to research for and approach interviews.

Taking advantage of new opportunities in uncertain economic times

An engineer’s guide pointing out alternatives to engineering and how to take advantage of opportunities while planning for the future.

KBR Awarded Framework Contract for Engineering Services by Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd.

KBR announced today that it has been awarded a Framework Contract by Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd., the technology arm of the Sasol Group (Sasol), to provide engineering services across various sectors of Sasol Group`s business including downstream, petrochemical, and upstream in Southern Africa.