The Most Important Challenge Facing Civil Engineering Firms Today

Tryst M. Anderson discusses the most pressing challenge facing Civil engineering firms today. He cites the changing nature of branding and how the industry is adapting as of critical importance.

Unlicensed Civil Engineers Posing as PEs

Carol Metzner, Managing Partner of asks who is policing the civil engineering community for unlicensed civil engineers posing as PEs?

High Speed Rail – Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

A discussion on the state of the proposed high speed rail system. Will a system similar to China’s ever be realized in America?

Does Your Company Need A Data Czar?

Darron Pustam discusses the idea of effectively integrating all of your firm’s technologies under one umbrella that will undoubtedly save you time and money.

CivilEngineering’s 1st Annual “Best Civil Engineering Firm Logo” Contest

Nominate your company for CivilEngineering’s 1st Annual “Best Civil Engineering Firm Logo” Contest.

10 ways social networking can impact your business and career as a civil engineering professional

A guide pointing out the various benefits of using social networks as a means of career development and capturing news clients and employees. These benefits include,
Recruiting Professionals
Industry News
Relationship Building
Recruiting College Students
Recruiting Boomerangs
Professional Growth

Maintaining A Client Focus – a Roadmap for Success

Gerry Salontai, past Chairman & CEO of Kleinfelder and current CEO of Salontai consulting shares his philosophy on what it takes to build successful business relationships within the engineering community.

The Bridge Collapse…Two Years Later. What Do We Know?

Carol Metzner of CivilEngineering revisits the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse news item from two years ago and discusses what has been done as a result.

In Defense of the Land Development Engineer

Over the years I have often seen outstanding land development engineers desire to break into a new area of specialization under the civil engineering umbrella, yet they have found the opportunity to do so to be scarce, at best, purely because they have a background in land development. That said, after discussing this topic with numerous land development engineers across the country, I have been so inclined to blog…in defense of land development engineers.

CivilEngineering Central 2.0

CivilEngineering further enhances its presence on the Internet in order to further reach out to the civil engineering community.