5 of the Most Interesting Engineering Projects in Africa

The last three years have been full of uncertainty for many in the engineering and construction industry. However in Africa, one noticeable constant has been the insatiable demand for infrastructure in all forms. Partly fueled by the necessity to access and extract resources, implementation of grand infrastructure projects has also been mandated by governmental policies. […]

DISCUSS: How can Engineering Help Developing Nations Solve Critical Problems?

I was recently listening to Dr. Tony Marjoram, the former head of engineering sciences at UNESCO on  his discussion on how engineering can help developing nations solve critical problems.   It was a quite stimulating discussion in which Dr. Marjoram provides the following blueprint answering the subject question: He acknowledges that engineering is vital in ensuring […]

10 of the Greatest Engineering Projects of the Past Decade (2000 – 2010)

It was the decade of highs and lows, a time of great optimism and deep uncertainty. Outside engineering, the past decade was as chaotic as it was promising. A global recession saw many engineering projects held as more engineering companies folded. Meanwhile, engineering projects in some countries were in full throttle, with some impressive projects ending […]

Approved Calculators for the FE and PE Exams

For those of you planning to take the EIT or PE exam this year 2012,  make sure you look at our Guide for Engineers for useful tips on studying and passing the FE exam as well as helpful information pertaining PE exam.  Also note that as of the December 2011 edition of Licensure Exchange (volume 15, […]

A More Effective and Painless Way to Handle Tenders in Africa

Tenders have long been used as the sole method of procuring goods and services by most companies. Whether done to ensure transparency or to simply maximize the benefits of competition, tenders are arguably the most effective mode of procuring. Browsing through any newspaper on any weekday, one is sure to find tenders ranging from supply […]

5 Famous Moments of Genius

We have all had those moments. Those intense moments when a sudden gush of energy propels your brain into overdrive, creating a delightful mental sensation and voila; an idea is born or a solution to a problem is achieved. Some have termed this moment as the Eureka moment, named after a bathtub utterance by a […]

The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion

BBC’s Michael Mosley takes an informative and descriptive journey exploring how the evolution of scientific understanding is intimately interwoven with society’s historical path. This quest is an ambitious journey to answer questions of existence: Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? This story is part of that quest […]

The Economic Impacts of High-Speed Rail on Cities and their Metropolitan areas

A review of the Conference of Mayors’ report on the economic benefits of high-speed passenger rail on cities and their metropolitan areas. Is the report overly ambitious in its analysis of the potential economic benefits considering that high speed rail carries obstacles that might take years to address?

Can we ever end our dependence on oil?

An insightful discussion on how we can end our dependence on oil and save the planet and ourselves.

A letter to the May, 2010 Engineering Graduates

First of all, allow us to congratulate you on proving yourself worthy of being part of the noblest of professions. Whatever your specialization in college was, you will soon find out that the engineering profession provides unique challenges and opportunities which will provide you with a lifetime of meaning and satisfaction. We are all glad […]