Engineering Jobs in United States

# Name Location Posted 1. Manager- EHS Hannibal MO Missouri 5/9/2016 2. Gas Estimator – Gas Project Estimating Melville NY New York 5/9/2016 3. Environmental Health & Safety and Facilities Technician Sunnyvale CA California 5/9/2016 4. Project Manager – Environmental Consulting Parsippany NJ New Jersey 5/9/2016 5. Engineer V Fort Mill SC South Carolina 5/9/2016 […]

Nuclear Engineering Jobs in United States

A fresh list of Nuclear Engineering Jobs in United States updated daily. Access our wide collection of articles and guides for Nuclear Engineering professionals in the US.

Petroleum Engineering Jobs in India

A fresh list of Petroleum Engineering Jobs in India updated daily. Access our wide collection of articles and guides for Petroleum Engineering professionals in Canada.

Inexpensive fetal monitor could save thousands of lives every year

Ask Malvi Hemani why 300,000 expectant mothers and more than 5.5 million babies in developing countries die each year from complications in labor and delivery, and the young engineer will point to shortcomings in existing medical instruments and procedures to reliably monitor contractions. So Hemani invented TocoTrack, a monitor that straps across a pregnant woman’s […]

Land Survey- Necessary for Every Land Related Work

With the growing population, the need for Houses, Schools, Hospitals and many more are increasing. Thus, the Land has to be divided into more shares so that each get a fair share. This is what Land Surveying is all about. Land Surveying is the second oldest profession in the World. A Land Survey includes: Measurement […]

The Qingzang Tibet Railway

The Qingzang Railway (also known as Qinghai-Tibet Railway) is the world’s highest railway and a culmination of the long-held Chinese dream of connecting China to Tibet. This railway line was built to ease the travel and to also provide a passageway for minerals from Tibet to the Chinese mainland. The average elevation of this bridge […]

Project Spotlight: The Durban Landfill Gas To Electricity Project

For several years, South Africa has battled with its high emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). The country has an abundance of coal reserves, which it relies on heavily for energy. Another major contributor of GHG is the industrial sector which is fundamental in the country’s economic activities.

9 Famous engineering mistakes

Engineers are often prone to making mistakes. That is why we constantly have to check and double-check everything that we do. It is this type of keen focus on what we do that allowed generations of past engineers to create some of the most remarkable engineering projects. However, details are sometimes overlooked, numbers misrepresented or even units misread. While some of these mistakes are miniscule and can be corrected, history has witnessed some colossal oversights that led to huge disasters and in some cases, popular travel destinations.

Americans say engineering is the leading profession driving U.S. innovation, TE Connectivity survey finds

American sentiment reveals a greater understanding of engineers’ role and the importance of STEM on society

How To Engineer Your Job Promotion

Climbing up the career ladder requires a great amount of energy, time and strategy. A common mistake that many young engineers make in the workplace today is to sit back and wait to get noticed by their boss. To get a promotion is more than just a matter of luck. Engineers must employ specific tactics […]